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Soon be Christmas Press Show Season!
Wednesday 2 May 2018, 8:13am
Thursday 19 April 2018, 5:50am
Christmas UK Countdown: There are 250 days until Christmas...
Happy Easter!

So, here's what we all think Easter has stolen from Christmas:

* Cards and cake (although forgivable as it's a festival)
* Crackers
* Chocolate coins
* Bunting/hanging decorations
* Trees
* Candles
* Wreaths
* Snow :) (Dreaming of a White Easter?)

Happy Eastmas ;)
Sunday 1 April 2018, 8:28am
Now this is quite a special Easter Tree from @tickety_boo2 - looks completely unlike its festive counterpart.
Saturday 31 March 2018, 4:06pm
Brilliant reply from Sue Frearson about what else Easter has stolen from Christmas: Snow!
Saturday 31 March 2018, 4:04pm
It's a very pretty Easter tree pic from @mummyjilly - but some of those animals at the base might give us nightmares, especially the yellow one on the left.
Saturday 31 March 2018, 3:49pm
Folks, we also have Easter wreaths! (H/T @DeirdreG64)
Saturday 31 March 2018, 3:39pm
So... we have:

Easter trees
Easter chocolate coins
Easter crackers

What else has Easter stolen from Christmas?
Saturday 31 March 2018, 3:19pm
Sainsburys are selling "Easter Crackers".


Saturday 31 March 2018, 3:02pm
2017: And finally, we come to last year's ad, when Toys R Us went full-on festive, ending their run with a true Christmas ad. A fine way to go, but we'd rather they stayed.
Sunday 25 March 2018, 7:04am
2016: The "Toys R Us Kid" theme song only lasted a couple of years before their classic anthem returned, and 2016's Christmas Ad featured the song being sung by many choirs.
Sunday 25 March 2018, 7:03am
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